Sunday, June 21, 2009

the Lake Effect -

My father in law is a poet, among many other things, and a prolific one at that. He writes at least 3 poems a week and shares them with family and friends. In honor of father's day and all the dad's out there I thought I would share some of his work. Happy Father's Day!

Lake Effect

A single fish leapt from a tired lake
in quiet time’s best moment,

its ruddy sheen a glint in June’s near sun,
scales of silver coins shone and tempted
like a ballerina’s milky pink
bare shoulder,

seconds flashed and poured like rain
or bright revealed light,
drenched the boat of foreign tourists
with joyful scintillated pleasure,

a lone trout alive in dual commingling
worlds of air and fluid,
mystery--dripped and daring,
this gleaming Piscean druid

an exclamation point
marked the day’s
unwritten story
in swift explosion
of sheer so sudden
wonder sparked
in steaming

as life brought
forth again
its purely

Peter J. Lautz June 16, 2009

Photo: Pastoral Switzerland by Katarina

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