Saturday, June 13, 2009

easily inspired

Memorial weekend Jevan and I took a trip to California. We went for his sister's graduation and his mom's birthday celebration. We landed at John Wayne and Jesse, Catherine and the boys took us on a quick detour to the Getty.

I've been working on a couple of landscape design projects and found the gardens at the Getty completely inspirational. I really can not believe admission is free. Here are a few phone pics I took. The camera we brought was not really accessible. Think four adults, two kids, luggage and baby gear for everyone all in one car. Of course the camera happened to be in a bag at the bottom of the pile. Cozy.

I love the plantings en mass, the giant proportions and the details. Each and everything was considered. I would love to come back with a picnic and hang out for hours. By the way, how cute is little Alexi. I couldn't resist posting this picture. Today he turns two, happy birthday baby!

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