Saturday, June 27, 2009

the last moonwalk

I came across these letters via Hi+Low. Both from the collection of David Gest, a longtime friend of MJ's. You can see more of the collection that is up for auction here.

The first letter is a note written in black ink to David. The second is partial lyrics from the song "Bad", written in black permanent ink. Both in the hand of Michael Jackson.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

the Lake Effect -

My father in law is a poet, among many other things, and a prolific one at that. He writes at least 3 poems a week and shares them with family and friends. In honor of father's day and all the dad's out there I thought I would share some of his work. Happy Father's Day!

Lake Effect

A single fish leapt from a tired lake
in quiet time’s best moment,

its ruddy sheen a glint in June’s near sun,
scales of silver coins shone and tempted
like a ballerina’s milky pink
bare shoulder,

seconds flashed and poured like rain
or bright revealed light,
drenched the boat of foreign tourists
with joyful scintillated pleasure,

a lone trout alive in dual commingling
worlds of air and fluid,
mystery--dripped and daring,
this gleaming Piscean druid

an exclamation point
marked the day’s
unwritten story
in swift explosion
of sheer so sudden
wonder sparked
in steaming

as life brought
forth again
its purely

Peter J. Lautz June 16, 2009

Photo: Pastoral Switzerland by Katarina

Friday, June 19, 2009

blogs by men

In case you were wondering, every blog I read isn't written by a female. I do plenty of searching through guy's stuff. I find it refreshing from all the girly, frilliness out there. If you didn't know this already, I'm not the girliest of girls. So in honor of dad's day, the extended version, I thought I would share a few blogs, started by guys, that I regularly check out.

Updates on classic, well made apparel. Most everything they post has that timeless quality. They also put together an online magazine with interviews and columns all with their east coast twist.

Lots of memorabilia and antics on all things American. To not like the blog would almost be un-American.

Josh Spear While no longer all male writers, Josh Spear and company are local trend spotters.

Great photos and weekly updates of a new family in the making. The stories are no holds bar. You get more than a peak in the life of this growing family. And I have to admit, I went back and looked at every single weekly pregnancy post since the beginning. Because, after all, they are that good.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

emma franklin for the boys

Jevan owns one suit. It's the suit he wore to our wedding. He's not a big proponent of them and I'm OK with that. He would be laughed at if he wore one to work. Something about skating the mini ramp during his 'lunch break' while wearing a suit just doesn't make sense. And I'm all for being sensible.

The last time he wore his suit was to a wedding in Mexico for good friend's Meggan and Beau. It was a festival of a wedding and to honor the occasion, he even wore his cuff links. Somewhere in the fog of the wedding festivities he lost the links. They of course were his only pair. Since then I've been on the lookout for a great set. Something that fits his personality perfectly.

Design Sponge guest blooger, Amy Rupple, recently brought
Emma Franklin and her line of jewelry to my attention. Her Animal Collection is something out of a book. Exotic animals, pearls and pheasants all make up cuff links, necklaces and rings. I would seriously have to save for these. As it happens cuff links are pretty low on the list of items to save for but these are making me seriously reconsider.

Monday, June 15, 2009

grizzley bear - two weeks

I'm sure most of you have already listened to Grizzly Bear's new album Veckatimist. But before you go any further, make sure you take a couple of minutes to watch, and listen, to this video short put together by J.Tyler Helms edited with footage from Albert Lamorisse's, 1956 film, La Ballon Rouge.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

just for the guys

Consider this your friendly reminder that Father's Day is fast approaching. For some reason, this morning I actually thought today was Father's Day. I was fumbling around trying best to come up with a legitimate excuse as to why my dad's card would be a few days late. But for once, just once, I'm ahead of the game. So to honor me being ahead and more importantly all the dads out there, I decided to put together some posts just for you guys.

If you ask me, every guy needs a good piece of luggage. Whether it's a weekend bag, a backpack/beer cooler or something just to throw your lap top, keys and phone in, said bag is very useful in keeping all the stuff you need in your life organized, at least as organized as you make it. These are just a few of my favorites. And if you really want to know, you could probably steal these from your man. Just my two cents.

Images from top:
Pendleton Black Watch Weekender Bag
Tanner Goods Landscape Satchel.
Holme Leather Briefcase.
Burton Liquid Lounger.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

easily inspired

Memorial weekend Jevan and I took a trip to California. We went for his sister's graduation and his mom's birthday celebration. We landed at John Wayne and Jesse, Catherine and the boys took us on a quick detour to the Getty.

I've been working on a couple of landscape design projects and found the gardens at the Getty completely inspirational. I really can not believe admission is free. Here are a few phone pics I took. The camera we brought was not really accessible. Think four adults, two kids, luggage and baby gear for everyone all in one car. Of course the camera happened to be in a bag at the bottom of the pile. Cozy.

I love the plantings en mass, the giant proportions and the details. Each and everything was considered. I would love to come back with a picnic and hang out for hours. By the way, how cute is little Alexi. I couldn't resist posting this picture. Today he turns two, happy birthday baby!

saturday at the flea

Jevan and I got up early this AM to check out the summertime Ballpark Market. It's the second Saturday of each month and definitely worth a visit. There are some gems to be had.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

sticks and stones

Colby over at Colby June just sent me images of her latest jewelry collection called compose. decompose. Her collection, inspired by a study of two basic elements; sticks and stones explores a variety of metals including gold, silver and bronze. The handcrafted elements creates a dynamic juxtaposition of heavier rock forms paired with slender twigs. This combination parallels nature's cyclical process of growth and pairing away to create a modern interpretation of the landscape.

Pieces range from $30 to $400. Most pieces are between $75 and $250. If you want specific pricing, be sure to contact Colby. Beginning August 1st, you will be able to order the new pieces off her website. If you can't wait, and who can blame you, give her a call to order; (970) 379-0943. And, if you happen to be in Aspen, check out the Aspen Saturday Market.
SAW (Studio for Arts and Works) also has her collection available.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sunday fun day - low country boil

My parents were in town from Tennessee visiting this past weekend. It was their first visit since Jevan and I got married over two years ago. This time we didn't have a list of projects for my dad to play Mr. Fix-It. Instead we did a good amount of catching up. I also realized the project list could be a solid reason it's been two years since their last visit. Sorry Dad.

Since we had a lack of 'projects' to keep everyone busy our conversations took on a reoccurring theme. Food. We tend to drink, eat, relax and repeat when around one another. While eating and drinking we usually talk about something great we previously ate/drank or what we should eat/drink next. This is my kind of hanging out. At some point, the conversation at the coffee shop we were eating and drinking at evolved. It evolved to a low country boil. And, how we should make our way to the store to pick up supplies.

Since a LCB usually involves a large amount of food, we had to round up some friends willing to eat and drink with us. Half of the people Jevan and I invited had never heard of a low country boil. A couple called it a broil, another asked what the hell is low country and why do you want to boil it? Most just asked what they should bring. I like those friends. Because this question inevitably involves a preferable response. See below if you are curious.

For those of you unfamiliar with a Low Country Boil, it's pretty simple. Find a really large stock pot. One with a lid and ideally it has a basket. We were fortunate to borrow one at the last minute from our friends Erica and Pete, who also had family in town, thanks you two. Their kit involves a stand up burner that can hook to a propane tank. This way it's possible to cook outside. Because cooking outside is really what a boil is all about.

Low Country Boils originate from the coastal areas of Georgia and the Carolinas. They are meant for simple, easy, living. These days, they are perfect where ever you happen to be. As long as it's warm enough to be outside. Traditional ingredients are also simple; shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. Other than that, what you put in the pot is entirely up to you.

yield: serves 15ish

5 quarts water
4 pounds Yukon gold baby potatoes. smaller is better for bite sized eating

1 (3-ounce) bag of crab boil seasoning. I used Zataran's Seafood Boil
Cayenne Pepper
3 pounds kielbasa cut into 1½-inch pieces, we used Cajun andouille bison sausage
10 ears of corn, halved
3 pounds large fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined
3 pounds of fresh scallops

Add water to the pot. Cover pot and bring to a rolling boil. Add spices, Tabasco, potatoes and cook 5 minutes. Add sausage and corn, return to a boil. Cook until potatoes are tender. About 10 minutes. Add shrimp and scallops. Cook 3 to 4 minutes or until shrimp turn pink. Remove basket from water, drain and spread on a table for all to enjoy.

Serve with:
Catherine's Pomegranate Margs (I'll get a recipe on this, because you really NEED it)
Deviled Eggs
Corn Fritters with Arugula and Warm Tomato Salad
Strawberry Tart - this time I didn't screw it up. I put the berries on just before serving.
Mom's Nanner Pudding (recipe to come at some point) this is banana pudding for those of you unaware of my family's cryptic language.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

inspired by the french open

I have this thing for Stella McCartney. And tennis, while I'm being honest. This love affair has been going on for years. Tennis longer than Stella, but whose counting? Needless to say, I was beyond excited when she started designing for Adidas a few years back. She brings new meaning to the term sportswear. One being, I can actually look like a girl when I play a sport.

Watching the finals of the French Open this weekend has me excited. The icing on the cake would be this little number.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

built by wendy

Oh Joy reminded me recently of one of my favorite designers, Built by Wendy. I know what you're thinking, if she's a fav, why would I need reminding? The answer is simple, I do so much window shopping, my favorites often become obscured by the new. And if you know me, I'm a huge window shopper. Time after time I fill my online cart with the exact size and color of choice. Then without fail, I get distracted and abandon my cart. Thinking, I'll go back and buy whatever it was that caught my eye. It's very likely, I'm a website's worst nightmare. I fill my shopping cart only to desert it minutes later because of something else intriguing. Months later I'll remember my finds and realize they are no longer available or it's a brand new season and there are new favorites to be had.

When I'm not window shopping and ready to buy, Built by Wendy is where I go. I happen to have my eye on a couple of summertime somethings, see above and below. Yes, they are still in the online cart, don't laugh. An endless cycle, one not likely to change anytime soon.

As for Wendy and the things she builds, if you're looking to buy, you should know the stuff is made well, in this country, and it has this classically fresh style that I always fall for. You know the one, edgy but not out there. Something I can wear to work, out on the town and likely for years to come, not just a season. Because I'm not really into that kind of abuse. Wallet-wise or when it comes to the enviro. So be sure to check out Wendy, she's got it goin' on.

All photos: Annabel Mehran

Monday, June 1, 2009

monolith festival

Summer is the season for music festivals. Whether it's camping at Bonnaroo or doing the city thing at ACL and Pitchfork, there are a ton of festivals out there to enjoy music, people watching and an all around laid back time.

As much as I enjoy traveling to a music festival, this year, I'm sticking close to home.
If are looking for a festival to add to your end of summer agenda, I highly recommend Monolith Festival in Morrison, Colorado, September 12 and 13. Red Rocks is a great venue and
September in Colorado doesn't get much better. The folks at Monolith are keeping things exciting by posting daily updates to the lineup. There are still more bands to be added. You can follow the updates on facebook or twitter. Here's the list so far.

Looking pretty good if I do say so myself.