Tuesday, June 16, 2009

emma franklin for the boys

Jevan owns one suit. It's the suit he wore to our wedding. He's not a big proponent of them and I'm OK with that. He would be laughed at if he wore one to work. Something about skating the mini ramp during his 'lunch break' while wearing a suit just doesn't make sense. And I'm all for being sensible.

The last time he wore his suit was to a wedding in Mexico for good friend's Meggan and Beau. It was a festival of a wedding and to honor the occasion, he even wore his cuff links. Somewhere in the fog of the wedding festivities he lost the links. They of course were his only pair. Since then I've been on the lookout for a great set. Something that fits his personality perfectly.

Design Sponge guest blooger, Amy Rupple, recently brought
Emma Franklin and her line of jewelry to my attention. Her Animal Collection is something out of a book. Exotic animals, pearls and pheasants all make up cuff links, necklaces and rings. I would seriously have to save for these. As it happens cuff links are pretty low on the list of items to save for but these are making me seriously reconsider.

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  1. LOL, Jesse owns one suit, too...the one he bought for your wedding ;0)