Monday, August 17, 2009

open air-showers

There's something about summer that makes me want to spend all my time outdoors. This isn't a new phenomenon either. While growing up, I spent a good amount of my summers on the water. Whether beach, lake, river or pool, nothing is better after a hard day of playing outdoors to shower outdoors. Not only are outdoor showers great to get all the dirt, sunscreen and muck off before heading inside it's completely invigorating and adds to that summertime feeling to shower en
plein aire.

Since I'm traveling for a few weeks I asked my good friend and architect, Gina, if she would be interested in putting together a post for me. She mentioned outdoor showers, she's thinking of installing one at her on home in Nashville, and I completely fell for it. Thanks G!

I think I have been enamored with the idea of outdoor showers since I saw one my cousin designed 7 years ago. It was on the 2nd floor of his house surrounded by a solid wall and vivid tile pattern with only a view of the stars at night. Check out the Sakura House HERE on his website for photos.

Since seeing this first shower, they have been popping up on every trip I take. The one pictured here is at a game reserve in South Africa. The houses (there were 5 clustered together behind a fence) were laid out so none of the bathrooms had a view of any other - ultimate privacy. All you could see from each bathroom was the open savannah and the excited baboons and zebras checking you out taking a shower. I have to admit, this was not as relaxing as I had hoped!

On a trip to Little Corn Island in Nicaragua, my friend Ashley and I only had the option of an outdoor shower. You basically filled a cup of water from a barrel to rinse off. The view however made that one of my most enjoyable bathing experiences.

Now, I know a lot of these places sound exotic, but I plan on putting my very own outdoor shower in my Tennessee backyard. There may not be any zebras to gaze at, but maybe that means I will use the shower on a regular basis.

photos: john clark (1st); misha gravenor (2nd); gina (3rd and 4th); roger d'souza (5th).

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  1. johnny LOVES outdoor showers, he's been trying to work one into the new house (literally) on all 3 levels, ha. budget and architect are trying to limit him to one though ;)