Wednesday, August 5, 2009

be still my heart

As an interior designer, I began this blog to post on interiors, home accessories, architecture and things that inspire me. I see so many interior related items on a day to day basis I decided the blog would be an incredible way to catalogue all that I love, be a good spot to send clients, share with friends and anyone else interested. It's now eight months later and I've barely touched on the subject of interiors and architecture. At first I was a little surprised by this stat. My reasoning behind the lack of interiors posts is simple; after a long day of work I have found music, food and fashion a nice change of pace and an opportunity to explore other things I love.

With that said, these pillow covers are just too good to keep a secret. Etsy shop Be Still has an array of pillows and napkins, each with subtle patterns and muted colors. They would work equally well in a rustic cabin as they would a modern loft. The faded colors and bleeding of patterns reminds me of that transition from summer to fall. Perfect for right now. Thanks to Coco+Kelly for the introduction to Be Still.

And from here on out, I promise to post more on interiors. I've had a bit of blogging A.D.D. this summer. Forgive me for getting off track.

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  1. Miss Casey! Lovin' your blog. Thanks for unearthing some good Etsy finds, it's hard to pick out the gold from the dirt on there some times.
    Hope life is treating you sweet. Say howdy to that dog you live with, oh and Winston too.