Thursday, July 2, 2009

winston the pup

As I'm sitting here listening to this puppy snore, the least I can do is introduce you. His name is Winston, he is around 3 months old, and as far as what kind of pup he is, we aren't really sure. Maybe a little hound, there could be some great dane, and he has the markings of a pointer. Like I said, we don't know, and probably won't ever but it is fun to guess. What we do know is there is a whole lot of goodness in this guy. At this exact moment, he's lying on his back with his belly to the world, snoring.

While I'm telling you about him, I should probably tell you where we found him, because that's worth a story in itself. Boulder, Colorado has an incredible Human Society. Not only do they treat the animals well, they take care of vaccinations, provide spaying/neutering, 30 days worth of pet insurance and a microchip in case your little guy is ever lost. They do all of this for over 8,000 animals annually as a private, non profit organization. If you are looking for an animal, I recommend you check here first because there are a ton of sweet looking faces who could use some love.

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  1. That is just the sweetest grandson ever!!