Monday, July 20, 2009

jenny wilson - like a fading rainbow

Jevan has been reminding me for a few weeks to watch this video. I'm not great at taking time to watch videos and he knows that. Hence the reminding. It's not that I don't trust his recommendations, he's usually spot on when it comes to finding things that would be to my liking. My thoughts are, it's a video, what's so special? I'll check it out when I get a few minutes, if I remember.

As the video begins, it has everything to me that embodies the South. In fact, it easily could have been filmed outside the front door of the house I grew up in. The grey-blue skies just before dusk, grassy fields at the end of summer and a soulful voice singing the woes of a life without. All remind me of the South. Then the dancing begins. There is nothing Southern about these moves. It could only be that of a Swede. Jenny Wilson to be exact.

If you need instant gratification, watch the Youtube version above. If you're really interested, you can watch the widescreen version that you will have to download if you're not on a mac. I highly recommend the latter, because the colors are more than gorgeous.

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