Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7 questions, interview with beau & meggan of the world effect

Less than a handful of years ago a small group of friends and I took a weekend trip to Austin. We went for the micheladas, the brisket and the humidity, believe it or not. We also went for the culture indicative only in Austin, keep Austin weird has long been the motto. Most importantly we went for the music. The Austin City Limits music festival to be precise. Jevan, then boyfriend, and I rounded up a group of BBQ loving music goers and made our way South.

When planning a trip of this caliber, one in which people will be meeting for the very first time and there is only one hotel room, it's obvious everyone should get along. Because, Austin in September with 90,000 other festival goers isn't the most glamorous of vacations. Add sharing a hotel room with 4 adults and the anti is just upped. Unexplainable things happen after drinking Lone Stars all day, eating brisket and wearing sandals. One Meggan aptly dubbed body mud. Needless to say, it's close quarters and getting along with hotel-mates is required.

Little did anyone expect this little weekend getaway would spark a relationship. A relationship so perfect, everyone said, why didn't we think of that, even with 1200 miles separating the two. I was even in denial for a little while. Not because I didn't want it to happen. I didn't want it to not happen. Not soon enough, everything became real and Meggan picked up her world in Atlanta and moved to Denver. Finally I could uncross my fingers.

What began as a weekend trip, transformed into Meggan and Beau traveling the world to fulfill their dreams. As the name, The World Effect, implies, they want to see what effect the world will have on their lives. In turn they will do everything possible to make a positive effect on the world we live in. Impressive to say the least. Let them be your inspiration for the week, month or however long you decide. They are out there making something cool happen instead of waiting for it to come to them.

Recently, I Skyped with Meggan and Beau to check in on how their trip is going. They agreed to answer 7 questions for me.

1. Give me some trip stats (last updated June 17, 2009).
We have a trip score card we update regularly on the right side of our blog but here's the latest
Countries - 21
Travel Days - 125
Boats - 17
Trains - 12
Buses - 52
Airplanes - 29

2. What is the most unusual thing you have attempted to eat?
Guinea Pig in Peru. I (Meggan) picked out a live one at the market and it was promptly cooked for dinner. Probably won't do that one again. No, it wasn't like chicken.

3. What is your favorite place so far?
The 4 day hike to Machu Picchu and climbing the last 50 steps to a thick layer of fog. At first, the fog was disappointing because we wanted to see everything. Once it lifted we had the most incredible view. So surreal. The clouds, fog and mist only added to the drama.

4. You take incredible photos. Each time I look at your blog, I'm continually impressed. What kind of camera do you use?
We have 2 camera bodies: Canon 40D and a 50D (because we don't share well when it comes down to who gets to shoot, we both love photography). We have 4 lenses: an all around 17-85mm, a telephoto 70-300mm, a wide 10-22mm, and a macro 100mm. We also lug around a manfrotto tripod. Our video camera is a sony HD handycam.

5. You packed light, a rolling backpack and a small day pack for an entire year. What are a few things you can't live without?
For simply living, we would have to say sunscreen, bug spray, and bottled water. For non essentials, we use our laptop and cameras everyday.

6. On a trip like this, you take the minimum. I know you both paired down your bags. Now that you've been traveling for over 100 days, are there things you can live without?
Beau would say his solar power charger. I would say maybe I could have done with less clothes, but I have worn everything I brought.

7. What's next?
We have been in Africa since early June, mostly in a tent. We are heading north and planning to visit Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Egypt through the beginning of August. Then on to a new continent.

photos: the World Effect LLC.

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  1. so friggin amazing. :) which makes me so freaking jealous!