Thursday, April 2, 2009

we are famliy

Matthew - otherwise known as Indy

I got lucky when I got married, not only did I find a great guy but I also inherited a pretty stellar line up in the in-law department. Yep. Lucky. Now you understand exactly how lucky. If you are like me and have ever dated someone and not felt that warm fuzzy connection with his side then tensions certainly rise. Or are completely flat depending on the situation. And holidays, well, let's just say they aren't exactly fun. Fortunately, my new family members are all inspiring and two in particular are bloggers.

Alexander and Grandpa Richard

Catherine, my sister in-law, started Bay Area Baby Blog while in search of cool kid stuff in her neck of the woods. I won't even claim to be versed in the tricks of the trade when it comes to kids and all the new gadgets. So Catherine sorts through all the fluff and finds what truly works. I use her tips when I'm looking for a baby gift. As it seems everyone I know is preggers these days. She also writes regularly on daily life in the bay area including spots to eat with kiddos and antics on life with her boys. The bonus? Most of the photographs you see are all her own.

Then there's Jora, the hub's favorite cuz. After spending just a second reading her blog, Domestic Reflections, you'll completely understand why she is his favorite. She's the gal you would easily have a girl crush on. Not only is she a smarty, but she's an incredible cook, gardener, wife and mom. She posts regularly on C-Man and Baby J, life on the farm and what I call Jora-tested recipes. Some of my favorites are her Meal Planning Monday's. She's great at whipping up just about anything. And I mean, whipping up in the most effortless sense. All with ingredient plucked from her ever changing garden dubbed green acres. The bonus? Every recipe I have ever made from her blog is good. Really good. That's what I mean by Jora-tested.


Baby J


  1. Awe, you are too sweet, Casey. Loves ya, too...and see you soon! *excited!*

  2. Awwww! We got lucky when Jevan married you! I always ask him how he ever landed you. ;-)