Monday, March 30, 2009

no one does it like you

Each December the hubs and I put together a list of our favorite songs. Throughout the year we are listening and watching for new tunes. So when he showed me Pitchfork TV's video of Department of Eagles playing No One Does it Like you from a rooftop in NYC, I knew it would make the cut.

As great as it is to see the band play on a roof top in the city, the official video for the song is that much more incredible. On March 24th, at the MOMA in NYC nonetheless, the video for No One Does It Like You was released. Apparently it was produced via favors and kindness because no one had any money. Regardless of finances and who did or didn't get paid, the video was produced by the Directors Bureau, directed by Patrick Daughters, who directed the famed Feist, 1234 video that apple used for their nano campaign and Marcel Dzama, who also designed the costumes and sets. You can't go wrong with dancing ghost solders.

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