Saturday, January 3, 2009

the selby

I don't know about you but I'm obsessed with magazines. This isn't a new obsession either. It's been going on since I was old enough to read. Long enough to call it an addiction. Especially magazines that peek into homes, restaurants, hotels, boutiques that I would never see if it weren't for those glossy pages. Some of these magazines are delivered right to my door, others are available at work and still others I run out to buy just because I can't say no. OK, so I have a problem. This I know. Consider it another story for another day.

chuck guarino and ryan turner of the cast

I often feel slightly voyeuristic when I look through the spreads, especially of the homes. It's strange seeing how people live and how their perfectly styled homes look on the most perfect day in the most perfect light with a little touch of photoshop. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for homes looking great. But perfect? Really? Who really lives in perfect? Definitely not me. Give me a space with mismatched this, hand-me-down that, quirky vintage find, toss in a little sarcasm and irony just for kicks... now we're talking. These are the places I can really spend some time enjoying.

I know what your thinking, this girl loves granny's house circa 1964 yet it's 2009 and nothing has changed since '64. NO. That's not what I'm saying. As an interior designer it takes a good eye and a lot of research to carefully curate the perfect combination of styles so it doesn't feel like granny's basement. It also takes the right person to want to add pieces over time to create a collection of whatever inspires. Add a little vintage, family heirloom, alley find and starkly modern piece and there you have it.

With that said, if I ever hit it big, and by big I mean my own design shop, I would hire Todd Selby in a second. My dream gig would have me designing wonderfully eclectic interiors that perfectly match the creative and eccentric personalities of my clients. The work he creates is like this casual, chill magazine spread shot by your best friend. You know the friend, the one who puts you in the best mood and makes you say the most outrageous things and knows everything about you and your home. And the interiors, don't forget those, they are just how I like them. Not perfect, but perfectly imperfect with the best blend of old, new, modern and antique. Just like the people living in them. Enjoy, you'll get your magazine fix too.

Chrissie Miller designer of sophomore

ryan korban of
edon manor

aya kanai in her dad's home

the home of michelle mccormick - design director abercrombie & fitch concept team and tracy mccormick - designer with gary gibson studio

nicolas malleville and francesca bonato's beach hotel in tulum, mexico

And don't forget the best part. The interview.

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