Thursday, January 22, 2009

marcel wanders and moooi

I've been trying to start this post for about 5 days but keep stopping. I have a story but it doesn't relate to what I'm about to show you or maybe it does. Relevant or not, here goes...

horse lamp - it's over 6' tall

Last year I made a trip to New York for ICFF, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. It's North America's only showcase for contemporary design. I'm talking 145,000 square feet of cutting edge goodness. From students to the finest Italian furniture designers, everyone is there. Along with touring booth after booth of furniture, all the contemporary furniture stores, galleries and boutiques in Manhattan open their doors and host these incredible parties. Needless to say, it's exhausting. But the good kind of exhausting because it's also inspiring.

Also in attendance last year was Marcel Wanders. I know what you're thinking. Who is Marcel Wanders and why do I care? You probably don't, but I'll explain the answer to the first question later in this post. To answer your third question, yes I'm psychic, no, I did not meet Marcel Wanders. But. A friend of mine did. She was out at one of the industry parties and was introduced to Marcel. They chit chatted for a bit and he probably asked her if she was having a good time in the city. She probably said, yes but my feet are killing me from all the walking. Then all the sudden Marcel is giving said friend a foot rub as they are discussing the highlights from the fair. This story probably means nothing to you. But to me, it means Marcel Wanders is just as quirky in real life as he is on paper. Or he has some sort of foot fetish and too many glasses of champagne to control himself. Either way, he's eccentric. There's no denying that.

Now to get to your first question. Who is Marcel Wanders? He, along with Casper Vissers co-created
moooi, a contemporary furniture line. In the Dutch language mooi (sounds like joy) means beautiful. Marcel and Casper decided to add an extra 'o' because it's extra beautiful.
Who doesn't need a little extra beautiful in their lives? Their tag line, design is the unexpected welcome, is evident in their craft.

Some of their pieces are a little out there. Even for me. But the lighting is just right. Here's a quick glimpse into moooi's current line.
non random light

Paper chandelier - wood base, cardboard and paper by Studio Job for moooi

love this detail too much not to post it. military inspired buckle on the boutique collection sofa

The most recent lookbook can be seen here. If you are interested in purchasing lemme know. 

photos: © MOOOI b.v. by photographer maarten van houten.

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