Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the national & st. vincent - sleep all summer (crooked fingers cover)

I'm not sure how it became the middle of the week. Wednesday evening at that. I even double checked. Thinking it couldn't possibly be Wednesday. But in fact, it's true. It is Wednesday and I'm just now posting for music Monday. Maybe it's the short week that has me running mad to keep up. Whatever it may be I truly apologize for the delay. However, you will hopefully be happy that I'm posting a great song on a Wednesday rather than something thrown together to make my self inflicted deadline of Monday. You don't mind. Do you?

I'm sure you all know the National and there's a good chance you also know St. Vincent. Well they did a little collab cover of Denver band, Crooked Fingers song Sleep All Summer, for Merge Record's 20th anniversary CD that is part of the larger "Score!" box set. This compilation includes covers by some of the most popular indie bands encompassing Merge's 20 years. I recommend you pop over to Merge to check out the incredible collection as there are only 7,500 copies available. The best part, all proceeds benefit charities chosen by the SCORE curators.

Here's the song. I think you'll enjoy.
The National & St. Vincent - Sleep All Summer

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